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Reference Name Manufacturer Model Axle Ply Load ind. (LI) Speed ind. (SI) TT / TL In Stock
NK0088 175/80R16
Tyre 175/80R16 I511 Kama 88Q TT
175/80R16 I511 Kama 88Q TT
Kama I511 88 Q TT 4+
NK0051 225/75R16
Tyre 225/75R16 Kama 219 104R TL M+S
225/75R16 Kama 219 104R TL M+S
Kama Kama219 104 Q TL 4+
NK0069 235/70R16
Tyre 235/70R16 Kama221 109S TL
235/70R16 Kama221 109S TL
Kama Kama221 109 S TL 4+
NKKE019 215/55R16
Tyre 215/55R16 Kama Euro-519 Kama 93T TL (wt)
215/55R16 Kama Euro519 93T TL M+S (žiem.)
Kama Kama Euro519 93 T TL 4+
NK0089 175/70R13
Tyre 175/70R13 Kama-505 Kama 82T TL
175/70R13 Kama505 82T TL
Kama Kama505 82 T TL 4+
CORJA009 11/70R22.5
Tyre 11/70R22.5 D1M I-305 Yaroslavl 146/144J TL
11/70R22.5 (275/70R22.5) D1M I305...
Yaroslavl D1M Universal 146 / 144 J TL 4+
NK0080 225/85R15C
Padanga 225/85R15C I-502 Kama 106P TT
225/85R15C I502 Kama 106P TT M+S
Kama I502 106 P TT 4+
TVS038 13.0/55-16
Tyre 13.0/55-16 (340/55-16) IM36 TVS 12PR 133A8/136A6 TL
13.0/55-16 (340/55-16) IM36 TVS 12PR...
TVS IM36 12 136 A6 TL 4+
DN035 9.00-20
Tyre 9.00-20 DE2 Dneproshina 6PR 112A6 TT
9.00-20 DE2 Dneproshina 6PR 112A6 TT
Dneproshina DE2 6 112 A6 TT 4+
NK0099 185/75R13C
Padanga 185/75R13C KAMA-231 96N TL (all season)
185/75R13C Kama 231 96N TL
Kama Kama231 96 N TL 4+
DN036 21.00-28
Tyre 21.00-28 DF27 Dneproshina 24PR 184B TT
21.00-28 DF27 Dneproshina 24PR 184B TT
Dneproshina DF27 24 184 B TT 4+
BEL039 26.5-25
Padanga 26.5-25 FBEL-199 Belshina 28PR 190B TT
26.5-25 FBeL199 Belshina 28PR 190B TT
Belshina FBel199 28 190 B TT 4+
NKKE014 205/70R15C
Padanga 205/70R15C LCV-131 Kama Euro 106/104R TL
205/70R15C LCV131 Kama Euro 106/104R TL...
Kama Kama Euro LCV131 106 / 104 R TL 4
TVS003 550/55-22.5
Tyre 550/55-22.5 TC09 TVS 16PR 166A8/169A6 TL
550/55-22.5 TC09 TVS 16PR 166A8/169A6 TL
TVS TC09 16 169 A8 TL 4
CHGT021 215/65R16C
Padanga 215/65R16C GT RADIAL MAXMILER CX 109T
215/65R16C Maxmiler CX GT Radial 8PR...
GT Radial Maxmiller CX 8 109 / 107 T TL 4
CHGT023 195/65R16C
Padanga 195/65R16C GT RADIAL MAXMILER CX 104T
195/65R16C Maxmiler CX GT Radial 104/102T TL
GT Radial Maxmiller CX 104 / 102 T TL 4
CHGT041 145/80R13
Padanga 145/80R13 CHAMOIRO WT
145/80R13 Champiro WT 75T TL
GT Radial GT Radial 95 T TL 2
BRIFI04 315/80R22.5 FD600 FIRESTONE 154/150M
Tyre 315/80R22.5 FD600 Firestone 154/150M TL M+S (gal.)
315/80R22.5 FD600 FIRESTONE 154/150M
Firestone FD600 Rear 154 / 150 M TL 2
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