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Reference Name Manufacturer Model Axle Load ind. (LI) Speed ind. (SI) TT / TL In Stock
NK0057 185/75R16
Tyre 185/75R16 Kama232 95T TL
185/75R16 Kama232 95T TL
Kama Kama232 95 T TL 4+
NK0080 225/85R15C
Padanga 225/85R15C I-502 Kama 106P TT
225/85R15C I502 Kama 106P TT M+S
Kama I502 106 P TT 4+
NKKE028 195/75R16C
Tyre 195/75R16C Kama Euro LCV131 107/105R TL (vas.)
195/75R16C Kama Euro LCV131 107/105R TL...
Kama Kama Euro LCV131 107 / 105 R TL 4+
NKKE019 215/55R16
Tyre 215/55R16 Kama Euro-519 Kama 93T TL (wt)
215/55R16 Kama Euro519 93T TL M+S (žiem.)
Kama Kama Euro519 93 T TL 4+
NKKE001 185/65R14
Tyre 185/65R14 Kama Euro-519 Kama 86T TL (wt) M+S
185/65R14 Kama Euro519 86T TL (žiem.) M+S
Kama Kama Euro519 86 T TL 4+
NK0099 185/75R13C
Padanga 185/75R13C KAMA-231 96N TL (all season)
185/75R13C Kama 231 96N TL
Kama Kama231 96 N TL 4+
NKKE025 185/65R14
Tyre 185/65R14 Kama Euro-129 Kama 86H TL
185/65R14 Kama Euro129 86H TL (vas.)
Kama Kama Euro129 86 H TL 4+
NK0069 235/70R16
Tyre 235/70R16 Kama221 109S TL
235/70R16 Kama221 109S TL
Kama Kama221 109 S TL 4+
NK0048 205/70R16
Padanga 205/70R16 Kama Flame 91Q TL
205/70R16 Kama Flame 91Q TL
Kama Kama Flame 91 Q TL 4+
NK0083 225/75R16C
Padanga 225/75R16C I-359 Kama 121/120N TL
225/75R16C I359 Kama 121/120N TL M+S
Kama I359 121 / 120 N TL 4+
NKKE023 175/65R14
Tyre 175/65R14 Kama Euro-129 Kama 82H TL
175/65R14 Euro129 82H TL (vas.)
Kama Kama Euro129 82 H TL 4+
NKKE018 185/75R16C
Padanga 185/75R16C LCV-520 Kama-Euro 104/102N TL M+S (wt)
185/75R16C LCV520 Kama-Euro 104/102N TL...
Kama Kama Euro LCV520 104 / 102 R TL 1
NKKE027 185/70R14
Tyre 185/70R14 Kama Euro-236 Kama 88H TL
185/70R14 Kama Euro236 88H TL (vas.)
Kama Kama Euro236 88 H TL 1
NKKE010 205/75R15
Tyre 205/75R15 Kama Euro-228 Kama 97T TL M+S
205/75R15 Kama Euro228 97T TL (vas.)
Kama Kama Euro519 97 T TL 1
NK0089 175/70R13
Tyre 175/70R13 Kama-505 Kama 82T TL
175/70R13 Kama505 82T TL
Kama Kama505 82 T TL 0
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