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Agricultural patterns:
Size Model Brand LI/SI Ply Set
10.0/75-15.3  TA60 Petlas 114A6 12 TT
10.0/80-12  TA60 Petlas 98A6 6 TT
18.4-38  TA60 Petlas 147A6 10 TT
210/95R36 TA120 Petlas 116A8/116B   TL
270/95R44  TA120 Petlas 142A8/142B   TL
270/95R54  TA120 Petlas 157A2/146A8   TL
300/95R52  TA120 Petlas 156D/158A8   TL
320/70R28  TA110 Petlas 119A8/116B   TL
320/85R36  TA110 Petlas 128A8/125B   TL
340/85R36  TA110 Petlas 132A8/129B   TL
360/70R28  TA110 Petlas 125A8/122B   TL
380/70R28  TA110 Petlas 127A8/124B   TL
420/65R24  TA110 Petlas 126D/126B   TL
460/85R30  TA110 Petlas 145A8/142B   TL
480/80R46  TA110 Petlas 158A8/158B   TL
480/80R50  TA110 Petlas 159A8/159B   TL
520/70R34  TA110 Petlas 148A8/145B   TL
520/85R42  TA110 Petlas 157A8/B   TL
520/85R42 TA110 RF Petlas 162A8/B   TL
540/65R34  TA110 Petlas 145D/148A8   TL
600/70R28  TA130 Petlas 161D   TL
600/70R34  TA130 Petlas 160D   TL
620/70R42  TA130 Petlas 166D   TL
620/75R30  TA130 Petlas 163A8   TL
Industrial patterns:
Size Model Brand LI/SI Ply Set
10-16.5  IND15 Petlas 131A3 8 TL
16.5/85-24  IND25 Petlas 149A8 12 TL
16.5/85-24  IND25 Petlas 156A8 16 TL
16.5/85-28  IND15 Petlas 152A8 12 TL
19.0/45-17 UN1 Petlas 141A8 12 TL
23.1-30  BD65 Petlas 154A6 14 TT
500/60-22.5  IMF18 Petlas 163/151A8 16 TL
500/60-22.5  SMF18 Starmaxx 163A8/151A8 16 TL
550/60-22.5  IMT08 Petlas 167/155A8 16 TL
8.25-15  HL40 Petlas 152A5F 16 TTF