Petlas is a world-renowned tyres manufacturer. Since company establishment in 1976 Petlas is best-known as tyre manufacturer of tyres for Off-Highway equipments used in agricultural, industrial, earthmoving / construction vehicles and aircrafts.

Protekta has been officially appointed Petlas tyre distributor in Baltic countries since 2008. Lithuanian farmers have already noticed Petlas excellent tyre quality and competitive price.

Petlas, exporting nearly one hundred countries worldwide, has a large and stable distribution network throughout the world tire markets.

Innovative mission, unique quality approach and leadership mission enable Petlas to have constant growth rate and to secure its place at international markets with quality and customer orientated production.

Warranty: All tyres have 5 years warranty


Petlas has implemented and obtained certification of Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 and Environment Management System according to ISO 14001. The certified management system includes all production. Company management system is being continuously improved according to update of ISO Standard.

The most popular R-1 type tyre model for tractors is TA-110. Few main properties of this popular model:

  • Strong carcass and impact ply
  • Special tread compound provides high resistance against wear and cuts
  • Tread profile provides high resistance against tread base fatigue and the tire maintains its traction performance even at its half-life
  • Special tread geometry provides self cleaning
  • Strong and flexible sidewall
  • Perfect grip/high traction with wide footprint
  • Special tread structure provides high traction and less sinking at soft surfaces
  • Wide footprint provides lower soil compaction
  • Ensures a balanced steering by reduced slip at all surfaces

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