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New Kama CMK tyre for city bus

New Kama CMK tyre for city bus

Nizhnekamsk tire complex "Tatneft" has launched new tires 275/70R22.5 NU-301 for mass production. This tire has universal tread pattern, designed for installation on any axis. It perfectly fits on urban buses. New tire has stronger sidewall. This gives enhanced protection against impact of curbs and cuts, as well as adds stability on dry and wet pavement. Four large longitudinal ribs with special cleats and four deep grooves between them reduce the risk of aquaplaning and increases driving stability in all weather conditions.

    •    - Stronger sidewalls
    •    - Universal tread
    •    - M+S marking
    •    - Regroovable
    •    - Retreadable

Special sidewall wearing indicator allows continuous monitoring of tires. The undeniable advantage of this tire is its suitability for regrooving process. The need for regrooving will alert the wear indicator (knife symbol).

Tread wear indicator to "snowflake" will inform the owner that further operation of the tire is not recommended in winter conditions.

All Kama CMK tires, including NU-301, are retreadable. Ratreadability and regroovability are the most effective ways to extend the tire life. Apart from the obvious economic benefits, Kama CMK tires have environmental benefit because long tire life reduces the number of sets sent for recycling.